Sunday, 8 February 2015


Welcome back to Russell Street School Hub blog! Well done if you are visiting for the first time. We have lots of NEW displays in the Hub and we would love you to visit before or after school or at lunchtimes to see what we have to offer.     
This is our NEW area for Horrible History books and other exciting finds. Come and check it out!
Relax in our NEW magazine section and read some news and reviews posted on the board. Remember that you can issue the 'Wacky but True' magazines in the orange boxes.
Can you answer the questions in the dinosaur display? Look out for a NEW display in a couple of weeks and if you have a collection or even just one treasure you would like to display please let Rebecca know. Also every couple of weeks we will be offering a craft session based on the current display. See Rebecca if you would like to sign up for the dinosaur session.
We have loads of NEW books for you so keep an eye on this display and ask if there is a book you are dying to read but you haven't found it in the library yet.

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